Which is the Best Cream for Uneven Skin Tone on Face?

Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone,  dark spots, blemishes, dark circles, dryness, and suntan, all this leads to a dull-looking face that lowers your confidence and then you try to hide it with heavy makeup and that doesn’t let the skin breath. But instead of hiding it why don’t we try to get rid of it? 

Pigmentation, uneven skin tone on the body and face and other mentioned skin-related issues can occur due to various reasons, some are genetically formed, and sometimes it is because of some underlying issues and sometimes because of the poor skincare and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

You should consult a doctor if you are suffering from some serious skin-related issues.

Skin tone becomes uneven due to an imbalance in the production of melanin. Pigmentation, blemishes, and spots are very stubborn and very difficult to reduce or remove but with the help of new experiments in the beauty market, there have been various products available in the market that are perfect to even out the skin tone and make them healthy and glowing. 

However, the question is which cream is the best among them?

Well, many creams in the market claim to give wanted results but nothing can beat this product.  Re’equil Skin Radiance Cream for Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots is a one-stop solution for all your needs.


Their Dermatologically tested and clinically proven ingredients claim to treat hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, even age spots, and freckles!

It will restore your original skin tone and even out your complexion without using any harmful chemicals usually found in fairness creams. It will also work on Melasma but always consult your doctor before trying out any product for serious skin issues.

It lightens the marks, brown patches, acne spots, age spots, scars, and blemishes on the skin. It contains ingredients like Pterocarpus marsupium extract which helps to brighten the skin and clears out facial discolorations and Tetra-hydrocurcumin that is a natural curcumin derivative with skin lightening properties. Vitamin E in the cream also hydrates and moisturizes the skin and also delays signs of aging.

It has a Non-comedogenic formula that means it won’t clog your pores and also it suits all skin types. So, you can also use it if you are someone who has sensitive skin but always do a patch test before using. It is not very thick in texture and also absorbs quickly on the skin that makes it a good option for oily skin as well.

One of the best things about this product and this brand is that whenever you purchase any of their product, this brand donates mid-day meals to children in need.

PRICE- Rs. 490 for 30gms.

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  1. Clean your face with water so there’s no oil and dirt on your face.
  2. Apply Re’equil Fruit AHA face wash.
  3. Message the cream on affected areas.
  4. Apply Re’equil Vitamin C Toner.
  5. And if you are going to step out of the house then use Re’equil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen Gel to protect your skin from harmful sunrays.


  • Highly researched formula developed in WHO-GMP certified facility.
  • SLS & Paraben free.
  • No mineral oil was used.
  • It doesn’t contain any bleaching agents like hydroquinone and kojic acid.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Makes skin radiant.
  • Non- comedogenic formulation.
  • Lightens blemishes, spots, marks, and makes skin tone even.
  • It moisturizes the skin and it is also a good anti-aging solution.


  • The only disadvantage of this product is that it is only available at online stores.

Regular use of this cream twice a day will start giving you result in just 4 weeks and full result in 8 to 10 weeks.

I’d suggest using this product with the recommended regime and product bundle by the brand for better and faster results.

Every skin color is beautiful, but every skin type has its own set of issues and all of them have different requirements. Uneven skin tone is a very common issue among many people, but the main problem is the products that are available in the market. Many products claim to lighten the pigmentation, suntan, blemishes, and spots but they contain harmful bleaching ingredients that may give you faster results, but it will not last for a long time. Choose wisely according to your skin type and issues and always read the ingredients on the products because it will inform you about everything.

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