14 Types of Jeans for Women – Know Which Jeans Suits You Best

Looking to buy a new pair of jeans? So to pair it with your favorite tops and want to pick a style with suits or goes with all occasions. So finding a perfect type of jeans depends on your personality and body type. Jeans are one of the trendy pairs of bottoms which is worn by both genders of any age group or class due to its low maintenance and extra comfort.

Jeans are the type of bottoms which provides you high durability and is almost a perfect fit in all weather. So one has to be very specific before buying a new pair of jeans as it is a long-term investment with the higher number of returns, so you have to be very appropriate in finding a good fit for yourself. We have compiled a list of different types of jeans for your reference as:

1. Bootcut Style Jeans

It is the style which once considered or named as mommy jeans, but with the change, in fashion, the same trend is becoming a hot favorite among the girls of all age groups. They come with a high fit till your knees and then subtly open out past your calf muscles.

  • Pair with: Bootcut style jeans can be best paired with high heels. You can also get them tapered according to your need.
  • Suits Best on: All body types but considered a perfect fit for the curvy women.

2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a type which hugs your skin as they are skin fit jeans. They take the exact shape of your legs. It comes in a stretchable fabric which provides you extra comfort and ease.

  • Pair with: Match it with any top and footwears as everything will make you look fabulous with this pair of jeans.
  • Suits Best on: Skinny Jeans is must have for the lean women with an hourglass body shapes, and the one has slim legs then this is a perfect fit for you.

3. Flared Jeans

It is a type of jeans which was very popular in the 90’s and now slowly coming back into the modern fashion. These flared jeans have a wide or flared opening form the knees to till toes.

  • Pair with: Flared Jeans goes perfectly with the turtleneck sweaters or tops.
  • Suits Best on: This is also a perfect pair of jeans for the tall and curvy women having pear and round body types.

4. Pegged Jeans

This is a type of jeans which covers your 3/4th portion of legs which help in making your legs look longer and prettier. It is the best jean to wear on a rainy season. It provides you a more stylish look and helps to bring your pleasant personality.

  • Pair with: Pegged jeans will look stunning when you pair it with high heels.
  • Suits Best on: Pegged jeans is a perfect fit for all type of women bodies.

5. Wide Leg Jeans

This is a type of jean which is having a very loose fitting and which helps to provide you comfort and ease. It has a wide opening from your thighs till toes.

  • Pair with: You can pair wide leg jeans with well-fitted tops and tees that make you look gorgeous and magnificent.
  • Suits Best on: This is a type of jean that complements the Pear body shape or anyone who is very self-conscious about their style.

6. Stirrup Jeans

This is among one of the coolest and most stylish types of jeans which are providing you the maximum durability and convenience. They further make your legs look longer which is a perfect fit for the short-heighten girls to look taller.

  • Pair with: You can also pair it with any heels and fitted crop or full-length tops to look fabulous.
  • Suits Best on: It fits best according to your body type and suits all body types due to its unique design.

7. Patched Jeans

The patched jeans are the latest trend of jeans. It is the type where a patch of rough cloth done to your jeans which help in providing you a fresh look.

  • Pair with: It looks best with t-shirts to add more to your cool appearance.You can wear cool sneakers or ballerinas to pair patched jeans with variety.
  • Suits Best on: It is the best fit for all the type of body types and will look best for the short height girls.

8. High Waist Jeans

High waist jeans are a type which fits according to your natural waistline. It is one of the retro style fashion jean which is slowly coming back in fashion these days. So style up yourself with this jean to flaunt your style.

  • Pair with: High waist jeans goes well with the tuck in shirts with an appealing and beautiful skinny belt.
  • Suits Best on: It suits well to the hourglass body types.

9. Low Waist Jeans

It looks great on the women who are all having a beautiful waistline as it is a style which complements your look and appearance.

  • Pair with: Low rise jeans is one of the every favorite jean type which goes well with the short tops.
  • Suits Best on: Low waist jeans suits the women who all are having an hourglass or inverted triangle type body or figure.

10. Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottom jeans were also very trendy in the 90’s fashion and now coming back to the latest trend. This is a type of flared jeans having a wider or flared opening than the other flared jeans from the knees to till toes.

  • Pair with: Bell bottom jeans goes perfectly well with the fitted tops of any designs and types.
  • Suits Best on: This is a pair of jeans which is perfect for all the tall and curvy women having pear and round body types.

11. Cuffed Jeans

This is jeans of the same length as of cropped or capris jeans; they are the type folded down. The cuffs of this type will bring more class and elegance to your overall appearance.

  • Pair with: Cuffed jeans pairs best with the high heels.
  • Suits Best on: It looks great on the women who are having slim ankles.

12. Straight Leg Jeans

This is a type of jeans which snugs and hugs your body beautifully. It is a type which is in between the skinny and boyfriend type jeans. They will bring more confidence to pull the super skinnies to try on you. They help in making your legs look longer and curved than they are.

  • Pair with: Pair straight leg jeans with flat sandals and tuck in shirts.
  • Suits Best on: Straight leg jeans suits all body types of women and looks good on all age’s groups too.

13. Boyfriend Jeans

This is a type of jean which gives a look that it has borrowed from your boyfriend or male partner that is the reason they called as boyfriend jeans. They are very stylish looking jeans. It also gives you a great fit near your waistline and hip area and broadens a little when they move down.

  • Pair with: You can pair boyfriend jeans with any fitted tops.
  • Suits Best on: It is a perfect fit for the curvy women or the one having a pear or apple shaped body types.

14. Jeggings

This is a legging made-up of denim fabric named as jeggings.

  • Pair with: Jeggings go well with the tops below your hip area which helps in providing you the best look.
  • Suits Best on: It suits all body types and heights because it is created to make to take your shape and fits well into it.


So, make sure that you bought a right pair of jeans for you. All above types and their features are described to help you to choose a perfect fit which suits or compliment your body type and style. So build your fashion statement by investing in the right kinds of denim.

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