Sarees are of utmost importance in Indian culture. Women wear saree in a different style in different parts of India. When women wear sarees, they look the prettiest. The long drape with beautiful prints, borders, embroideries is one of the prettiest things in the world. It will be a cherry on the cake if the saree will be a designer saree. Every Indian woman wants to wear a designer saree.

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Here, are the top 10 saree designers.

1. Manish Malhotra

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Everyone knows this talented personality. He is one of the most polished and acknowledged fashion designers. Everyone in the glamorous world had worn a dress of Manish Malhotra. His works are an excellent mix of traditional and modern world fashion. Manish Malhotra is known for his expertise in designer sarees, gowns, etc. His designer sarees start from Rs. 14,500 and goes up to Rs. 350,000. You can find his sarees in almost every color from metallic colors to attractive red to pink. His creations are printed, have beautiful embroidery, and even have crystals on it.  There are many awards such as the Zee Cine Award for Best Costume Design and Filmfare Special Jury Award in 2020, Filmfare Award for Best Costume Design which he made his.

2. Ritu Kumar

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Ritu Kumar is a well-known female fashion designer in India. She is known for her eccentric taste in ancient Indian craftsmanship and modern contemporary.  Her sarees start in thousands from Rs. 19,000 and goes up to Rs. 230,000. Her sarees are beautifully printed and embroidered. You can find unique colors like an aqua blue, olive green, peach, moss green, khaki green turquoise, etc. She is the first woman to introduce the boutique culture in India. She has been honored by Padma Shri Award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, Lifetime achievement award by Kingfisher Group, and many more. Label RITU KUMAR, RI. RITU KUMAR and RITU KUMAR HOME are the Ritu Kumar brands.

3. Satya Paul

Satya Paul, one of the famous fashion brands in India. Satya Paul has a unique collection of printed dresses. The prints are that others consider ordinary Satya Paul made them stand out and made people love them. The dresses are simple but stand out extraordinarily. Satya Paul has expertise in saree, salwar kameez, lehengas, gowns, and Kurtis. His sarees start from Rs. 5000 and goes up to Rs. 35,000. He has a collection of brilliant printed and embroidered sarees. Also, an exclusion collection of accessories. Not only Indians who are living in India but those who are living abroad are also fans of this brand. Much Indian celebrity has worn Satya Paul’s creations.

4. Anita Dongre

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Anita’s taste in fashion is blended with traditional and modern style. She believed in women empowerment and had provided many rural women with a stand for themselves. Her sister and brother helped her in her journey she loves nature that why there is no use of fur and leather in her creations. Her creations are full of unique and vibrant colors and patterns. Her sarees start from Rs. 10,900 and goes up to 147,000.  Her sarees are mainly in blue, peach, pink, red, and yellow. Her brand is named as House of Anita Dongre.

Anita Dongre has won the GR8 FLO women achievers award in 2008, the EY Entrepreneur of the year award in 2014, and many more.

5. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

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Sabyasachi is a well-known Indian fashion designer from Kolkata. His memories of childhood inspire his creations. His distinctive sense and passion in fashion brought him tremendous success. He focuses on traditional Indian style and shapes a piece of clothing into a masterpiece. His sarees are in the range from Rs. 25,000 to 3 lakhs and more. You can find bright color dresses in his collection like red, pink, green, etc. He enhanced his skills in the National Institute of fashion technology. Every Bollywood actress had worn his creations. Save the saree is a project started by Sabyasachi where hand-woven sarees are produced on a nonprofit basis.

Sabyasachi had won many awards such as the best designer of Hindustan at the MTX Lycra style awards and society achievers award etc.

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6. Ritu Beri

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Ritu Beri is a female Indian fashion designer who became the first Indian designer to showcase her collection in Paris. She was honored with prestigious French honor and chevalier des art Lettres award etc. She has shown her talent from Bollywood to Hollywood and impressed everyone. She trained herself under embroidery maestro Francois Lesage. Her sarees range in thousands. Her designs are in many colors, but shades of white and black can be seen more. Her designs reflect high fashion.

7. Tarun Tahiliani

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A well-known Indian fashion designer who had proven his potential internationally. His expertise is in couture bridal gowns. His sarees start from Rs. 39,900 to Rs. 7 lakhs. His sarees are in floral colors with beautiful embroidery, and he also has a collection of pre-draped sarees.  Tarun Tahiliani was not in the fashion industry from the start he completed his degree in business management from Wharton School of business, university of Pennsylvania. Tarun Tahiliani owns the first multi-designer boutique named Ensemble. His works are stored internationally. He is also a member of is fashion design council of India. He received Moet and Chandan fashion tribute award and f award for best women’s designer for couture in 2004.

8. Rohit Bal

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Rohit Bal is a well-known and reputed fashion designer in India. He has worked on every fabric from silk to khadi. His collection is showcased internationally. When it comes to Indian outfits, he mostly prefers peacock and lotus motifs patterns.   His sarees range from Rs. 74,980 to Rs. 250,000.  Rohit Bal mostly uses pleasant colors like shades of white. His achievements are designer of the year award at the kingfisher fashion achievement and designer of the year at the Indian fashion awards and many more.

9. JJ Valaya

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JJ Valaya is one of the most famous and respected fashion designers In India. The history of India inspires his designs. He is the founder of the house of Valaya his fashion boutique. His creations are not only appreciated in India but also internationally. Indian tradition with a pinch of modern style makes his creation mind-blowing. His dresses start from Rs. 10,000. You can find bright and cheerful colors in his collection with excellent embroidery. He is a member of the board of directors of the fashion design council of India.

10. Anju Modi

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Anju Modi is one of the most talented designers in India. She had won awards such as the Filmfare award for best costume, the Asian film award for best costume, etc. and also a member of the fashion council of India. Her designs reflect the heritage of India. Developed her skills from the weavers and craftsmen across India. Her sarees range from Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 1,95,000 and lehengas starts from Rs.75,000. Her dresses were made of bright and eye-catching catching.

Everyone loves a good piece of saree. Then why not have it from a great designer, so every time you wear it you make all the heads turn? Go and check out these designers and pick up your favorite pieces to rock the look.

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