1000+ Incredible Mehndi Designs of 2018

Mehendi symbolizes as the sign of lovingness and blessings. Dried leaves or henna plants are tousled on “sil” that brings refreshing fragrance or aroma and the product, called Mehndi.

Mehndi reflects the purity of relationship and blessings of God or before starting a new phase of life. Moreover, we can say it is an integral part of the wedding ceremony that cannot be ignored.

48 Simple Easy Mehndi Designs

Starting with a simple mehndi designs it will do justice with a phrase “beauty lies in simplicity.” Simple hand mehndi designs can be applied in the form of dots curves such as flora and fauna. Nowadays full arm mehndi is also in trend; so numbers of ladies are showing their preference towards it over another. There are some cool designs which you can choose for making it simple and sober.

62 Arabic Mehndi Designs

The Arabic Mehndi Designs is something which is all about tradition and modernity. If you are working women and you try to prefer modern lifestyle over ethnic wear; then Arabic designs go along with your western outfits. The beautiful curve on both sides of hands and tip of fingers looks gorgeous. It can simply define classiness and trending lifestyle.

122 Back Hand Mehndi Designs

A huge list is there for back hand mehndi design either you can pick Marwari, Rajasthani mehndi designs and configure it with themes. Some breathtaking Designs such as the peacocks, spiral swirls are drawn from hand to elbows. Thus we can say that it will provide a subtle look in the backside and attract your loved ones. You can also choose the Arabic design if want to make it simple.

57 Bridal Mehndi Designs

For bridal designs, one of the famous art forms which are seeking everyone’s attention is “Dulha-Dulhan” design. The professional try to portray the groom and bridal with swirly vine all around. Bridal Mehndi Designs are usually preferred from tip to toes such as full arms and feet too. The cherry red color of mehndi along with outfit seems like a fairy on earth.

65 Finger Mehndi Designs

Start with a small or you can say single swirl on both the sides. Covering the tip with of fingers with mehndi looks awesome along with arch-hugging curves that end with a swirl. You can also go for embellishment of the single swirl or vine by adding teardrop petals. For Finger Mehndi Designs you can also prefer Indo-Arabic designs.

58 Foot Mehndi Designs

Decorating foot by mehndi is like making it elegant by providing a unique pattern. You can prefer straight lines filled with mehndi texture; Kris crosses both horizontal or vertical boxes, and also semi-circular motifs with dots. One of the latest Foot Mehndi Designs is adding trails of dots at the end are used to provide a finishing touch to your mehndi.

23 Mehndi Designs for Kids

Maximum girls show a keen interest in makeup and other accessories from their childhood. So, no doubt kids mehndi designs are also there which can embellish the small palms of girls at their early days. You can either prefer Arabic vines and spirals or can choose simple floral patterns. This will merely look superb and lovely too.

70 Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Ghevar patterns are considered as the best style of mehndi on a front side of a hand. A beautiful oval flower covers your palm, and fingers are carved with spiral designs. This gives a traditional as well as the stylish look; theme shrewd on front hand designs contains leaves, a vine which looks incredible in hands. This will influence you to look tempting.

28 Shoulder Mehndi Designs

You can either go for a tattoo or can prefer natural methods for mehndi designs on your shoulders. The simple designs can give a bold look. Nowadays shoulder mehndi designs are in trend; they can easily go along with your traditional as well as western outfit. Moreover, we can say it is not a permanent tattoo so can be removed after some time.

52 Tattoo Style Mehndi Designs

The tattoo style mehndi design is a revolution; which signifies the change in trends and technology. A simple patch or a mehndi pattern is pasted either on your back or neck. You can make it more attractive by using stone and glitter patterns. There are some impressive styles which can provide a royal look to your tattoo style designs.

81 Karva Chauth Special Mehndi Designs

To make your Karva Chauth Special, there is a wide list of designs which can make your day full of love and happiness. You can either prefer pick Glitter Henna, Mughal mehndi Designs, Indian styled mehndi, Bangle style, and others. Usually, people pass the phrase that mehndi color signifies the lovable bond of a couple.

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