The fat accumulation in the armpit area usually goes unnoticed as we tend to focus more on the other body parts like the stomach, hips, and thighs. However, it is also important to get toned arms to look perfectly in shape. What’s the solution, then? You can follow a strict workout with exercises focused on the armpit area. Also, maintaining a diet rich in healthy foods and vegetables and fruits is essential for losing fat in a short period. 

So, include these 5 exercises along with your everyday workout proven to be effective for armpit fat reduction – 

Know about What Causes Armpit Fat?

1. Pushups!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2016/11/21/628/n/1922729/0e7e9800cb65fd44_Tricep-Push-Up.jpg
  • The first step is to lie on your stomach and keep your palms and feet flat to the round. 
  • Then, slowly raise your body, fold your elbows, and use your palms and toes to support the body weight. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds initially.
  • Thereafter, raise your body further and support it on your palms and toes only. Maintain this posture for 10 seconds. 
  • Eventually, you can extend the time to 20-30 seconds as per your comfort. Repeat this in a set of 5 every day.

2. Downward facing dog
  • The first step is to settle on all fours. Then, raise your hips to make a 90-degree angle. Rest your hands on the ground for support. Hold this position for 20 seconds. 
  • The next step is to slowly raise your arms and balance your body on the palms and feet only. Hold this posture for another 20 seconds. Repeat this 5 times every day.

3. Chair/Bench Dip
  • Start with sitting on a chair/bench with your arms placed on the sides. Then, push yourself forward by resting your hands firmly on the chair.
  • Now, take support from your arms and slowly push your body towards the ground. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and bring your body back to the normal posture. 
  • Repeat this exercise in sets of five every day.

4. Triceps Presses

  • In case you don’t have weights you can use a can/box weighing 200-250gms. Start with holding the cans in both your hands over the head. 
  • Then, slowly push your arms backward to touch your neck with as much pressure as you can exert.

5. Stretching 

Physioball Extension
  • You can use a wooden stool/chair with firm legs in place of the physioball. Place a cushion for comfort.
  • Stand next to the physioball/stool/chair with your back towards it. Slowly, stretch your hands backward and rest your back on the cushion by applying pressure on the arms. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

These exercises are aimed at stretching your arms to the maximum and thereby, reducing the fat in that area. With diligence and workout, you can sure get toned arms without the annoying fat around them.

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