14 Best (Yet Affordable) Wristwatch Brands for Women in India

It is a common thought that women are no longer considerate about wearing a wristwatch because even a mobile phone shows time but that’s the catch. Watches are not just a time showing machine and a lady, who makes every effort to look classy and absolute best without doing much of an effort, knows that well.

A woman will always be seen with a watch wrapping her wrist if she knows the worth of wearing a watch and admires how sophisticated and classy it seems. Even with the upgrade in technology, the love for wrist watch is constant. No mobile phone can substitute the elegance of a wristwatch. For an Indian market, watches are very significant but it’s difficult to get the right buy because of so many brands and competition available in the market. In order to cut the problem short, we bring a list of top-notch 14 Indian brands of wrist watches for you:


1. Michael Kors

They are the timepieces for life. MK has set a bar for exclusive timepieces. They create the most luxurious, beautiful and super classy watches for both men and women.

2. Juicy Couture

The name defines the brand itself. It is a glamorous, fashionable brand for ladies that display the style of LA. It is a casual luxury affordable brand that is easily available online and is available in approx 200 stores worldwide.

3. DressBerry

They are another design brand of exclusive watches that are worth every penny. They are the best option for gifting purposes. They are simply designed bling watches with appealing dials.


If you are brand conscious and you would like to spend a good amount on your accessories, you should definitely go for this brand as it provides you with branded and classy collection of watches. The style and design of the watches are unique and remarkable and will make you look attractive.


This is a very popular brand worldwide it is known for its fashionable and comfortable collection of watches. This brand has a variety of products that are available for both man and woman but their USP is the classy collection of watches that they manufacture fir women. Classic watches and sports watches are the main product of this U.S.A. based brand.


This brand of the watch was established in 2008 and targeted young customers for their product. This brand works under Titan and is known as their sub-brand. The product of this brand is known for their funky and cool designs which target teenagers and children the most. This brand offers various price ranges which are easily affordable for everyone.


DKNY, abbreviated for Donna Karan New York is one of the supreme brands not just in India but worldwide. It has set of the trend for fashion watch designs today. They create a look for every occasion.

8. Titan

The name is enough to prove the credibility of this brand when it comes to something as popular as TITAN that belongs to the family of TATA, a company on which we Indian trust. Watches made by this brand are popular worldwide and are loved by everyone because of its durability and unique designs. Titan brings their collection under many names like Titan Raga that makes stylish and beautiful designs for girls.

Recently it has come up with a new category of watches that brings many advanced features like emergency buttons and other security features for girls.

9. Timex

This brand is very popular for its vintage collection and is very popular not just in India but worldwide as it comes from the group of Timex USA. The product of this brand is well known for their quality and their durability. Timex watches are also known for the beautiful digital watches they specialize in.

10. Citizen

If it comes to watches, we can’t ignore Japanese brand as it is known for digital watches, analog watches, and chronograph. What makes this company really attractive are their designs and the fact that they are the perfect gift material. They are higher ranged and very popular brand loved by Indian customers.

11. Casio

This brand is known for the advanced feature it provides that is mostly not found in any other brand of wrist watches like currently, the G.P.S. technology in watches are main attraction that is in limelight. The company does not make very fancy products as compared to other brands but the technology grabs the attention of buyers. These watches are best for corporate people.

12. Guess

If you are brand conscious and you would like to spend a good amount on your accessories, you should definitely go for this brand as it provides you with branded and classy collection of watches. The style and design of the watches are unique and remarkable and will make you look attractive.


This brand is known for its unique and remarkable designs which you can’t resist to purchase. This provides you the quality product which has people’s faith and trust. This company gives you a complete range of high priced, very stylish and catchy products.


If you are looking for a brand that is known for the good quality watches that is both durable and credible, this is your answer. Apart from giving quality product this brand also gives stylish goals to the customers. We have given it the 9th position as they are not available easily.


If you are looking for luxurious watches in the most variety of designs, this brand has all the fancy collection that you wanted. The main advantage of this brand is that it is designed for the people of the modern world and is loaded with the latest trends and technology.

There are very few accessories that help you to complete your look with style and for ladies, watches are a priority. If you want to hit that professional and classy look without putting much of an effort, just go and grab your favourite pick from the stores near you.

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